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Ski4U is a ski club with members-only combo deals
and discounts on ski hotels, ski passes and transfers in the Alps
Ski4U is a booking platform for ski holidays in Austria, Italy, Germany, and Andorra.

Like at any other booking website, on Ski4U you will find hotels in your favorite ski resorts.

Unlike any other booking website, we have special deals that you'll not find anywhere else.
Better rooms, better prices
We put 20+ years of experience in ski holidays to choose the best accommodation providers in the Alps.

We help you to find the most suitable room for your needs, whether you are going on ski holidays alone, with friends, or with family.

We also have better prices for better rooms, because we have direct contracts with the hotels. Feel free to compare – we'll match the price and give you a special gift if you find a better deal.
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Special deals on selected dates
We have fantastic special offers that come directly from hotels and help you to save a significant amount of money on selected dates. Just look for our Combo Deals, they are updated every week.
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Book ski passes and other ski services to get even better prices
With Ski4U, you can also book ski passes, transfers, and other ski services, to save time and get even better prices.

We'd also get you better services for your needs. For example, if you come with a family, we can book a private airport transfer for the price of a standard group transfer.
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Member-only special offers
If you want to get the best deals, join our ski club with member-only prices that you'll not find anywhere else.
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Ski4U team
We are passionate travelers and professionals with over 20 years of experience in international tourism. We love ski vacations and mountains, and we want to share our passion with others!

We created platform to help people worldwide book their ski vacation quickly and easily. Our platform allows you to book not only hotels but also all sorts of services that you might need for your vacation. We offer transfers from/to your destination, ski passes, ski rentals and even ski schools.

For the years of its activity, MDM group welcomed and provided services for more than 500.000 tourists from 15 countries in - Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, France.

The company employs people of different nationalities: some of them with more than 15 years of work experience within the company, and some are the new generation of international tourism specialists. The company has licenses for tourist activities in Austria and Italy.
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