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Hi, I'm Sergey, the founder of ALPEN CLUB.

I have been living in Austria for 22 years since I fell in love with this beautiful country.
During these years, I founded and successfully operated an Austrian tour operator - Melur Destination Management. We have contracts with hundreds of hotels and receive tens of thousands of tourists annually.

But I always believed that we can do more than that. With our contacts, we can find great special offers that are not available to the general public. We can connect you with great small hotels that you'll never find on mainstream booking websites. We can suggest you our favorite resorts, and help you to discover your next favorite destination.

With ALPEN CLUB, you can have insider knowledge of places you've never been to, or find fantastic prices for amazing hotels.

Join the ALPEN CLUB, and book your next mountain vacation like never before.
Founder of Ski4U
Sergey Nason